The Master of the waves

The Master of the waves
Come, and Serve the peace giver!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homecoming Report

It is still hotter then a Jalapeno pepper outside. It has been over 100 for so long I thought my thermometers were broken! Oh well, God must have a reason for it and it is His plan not mine. I cannot complain. God is so good all the time. Homecoming was awesome. Brother Josh Mills preached an amazing word of God. The Holy Spirit was moving throughout the whole congregation in an awesome way. You could actually feel the Spirit in the air. The more he preached the more the air sparkled and danced with the Spirit of God. The music was wonderful as usual, but the "specials" were also Holy Ghost filled and they made you want to dance and sing right along with them! Marvelous! With the Homecoming service being so amazing I can hardly wait for the Revival to begin on the 16th of August. We had two new members come forward and accept the Lord. WOW! It was truly wonderful. You know there are Angels rejoicing in heaven when that happens. Many old members that had not been able to come regularly were there, and a special prayer was offered up for those members who have gone on to their reward in heaven. There are so many! It was both sad and wonderful at the same time to remember them. The wonderful thing about being "Born Again" is knowing that when the time comes I know I will be seeing all of the members of my family and all of my friends that were (and still are) believers again. The most wonderful part though is knowing I will be in the presence of my Lord and Savior! Glory to God, won't that be wonderful! Anyone who might read this and not be a believer in Jesus Christ please understand that the time is coming when Jesus Himself will be returning to this world and if you have not accepted Him as your Lord and Savior by then it will be to late. I urge you to accept Jesus as your Savior pray the "sinners prayer" renounce Satan and all of his imps and demons in the name of Jesus and ask for forgiveness. Let the Holy Spirit come in to you, and give you the peace that ONLY He can give. That empty, gnawing lonely feeling that is in you can only be filled by God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Nothing else can fill it with the peace you seek. Not drugs, not sex, not alcohol nothing else can fill you up to the overflowing with Peace except Jesus! Trust me, I have tried it all and I know by personal testimony that ONLY Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can take away that longing of the spirit you may feel without Jesus. It is easy, just pray: Jesus I repent of my sins, I renounce Satan and I accept you, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for going to the cross and suffering that awful torture and death for me. I praise you in your victory over Satan at the cross and at the gates of hell. You are the Resurrection, the Way and the Light. Thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit! There you go! If you prayed that prayer you are made brand new, you are "Born Again" , and ALL of your sins are washed away. Praise God. Find a good spirit filled church. Study the scriptures! Read the book of Acts, the book of Romans. Study to show thyself approved. When you read the book of Revelation to the end you find out that WE WIN! Satan is defeated, and that is why he is putting up such a fight now, because he knows in the end he looses, and he wants all the company he can muster in hell to share in his torment. Born again believers will be reigning with Jesus until the end of time. We will be able to command angels! All praise and Glory to God the redeemer of us all! God bless y'all for now. More after Revival services.

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