The Master of the waves

The Master of the waves
Come, and Serve the peace giver!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update on Revival

God bless y'all! Folks I have got to tell you that the Revival at New Hope Baptist Church has been awesome so far, and Brother Denby has been on fire with the Holy Spirit! You could literally feel the tension in the air caused by the Holy Spirit filling the whole church. Satan was on the run!! There was no room for him there. A number of folks went up to the Altar to rededicate their lives to service for Jesus Christ! Tonight he preached on the scriptures relating the defeat of Goliath by little David and how David sent Goliath's head to Jerusalem but how David kept the armor of Goliath in his tent. He likened that to the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in us through Jesus Christ and how we ALL as believers in the Salvation power of Jesus Christ is the ". . . something we have in our tents". People all around me were standing up and giving a "hand clap" for Jesus or shouting out "Halleleulya" or "Amen" and so was I. Brother Lamar was ON FIRE for Jesus. I was reminded a number of times of the saying; "that surely God is in this place". Amazing, wonderful, thrilling. There are not enough adjectives to describe just exactly what the feeling was that moved through the church. Someone sent me an email with a link to a quick short cut to scriptures based on "key words" and I explored the site and found a number of features that are awesome helps in doing bible studies. I am going to try to include them here for anyone who might like to check them out. Go to: This site is awesome! There many different versions of the Bible available from the King James to New King James all the way to New International Version and many, many more. There are search helps and links to "Bible Verse of the day" . I love it and I use it often to do my research. Remember that all one needs to do to be born again is to renounce Satan and your sinfulness and truly repent and then accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and thereby accept the gift of the Holy Spirit into you heart. To believe and to know that you have been "Saved" is awesome. In a flash scriptures seem to be more clear and your understanding of them growing. The PEACE that fills you up, and knowing where you will spend all of eternity, WOW! Amazing! God bless you all!

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